Ceramic Coat Protection

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Ceramic Coat Protection at 911 Sport

The difference between something good and something great
...is the attention to detail

In a world where impressions count, we understand the high level of attention that needs to go into the visual maintenance of your car as a high value asset.

Undoubtedly, your Porsche will have picked up the usual swirl marks that come from poor washing techniques, slight scratches due to everyday use and dull or hazy paint as a result of exposure to sunlight – which loses the high gloss finish it had when it left the factory. Although cleaning and polishing will clean and protect your car’s paint, the shine and protection will be compromised if the paint is not carefully cared for.

Detailing is a process to completely restore your car’s paint. Using a large range of polishes and polishing tools, small areas of paint work are addressed at a time examined after each polishing phase to make sure as many swirl marks and light scratches are removed as safely as possible. This can be a lengthy operation to get that deep lustre and wet look back in to your vehicle’s paint work, enabling your Porsche to create that impression. 911 Sport have all the facilities and equipment to bring both the interior and exterior of your car back to that new showroom look.

This procedure is standard preparation on all of our sales cars.

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Ceramic Coat Protection Service at 911 Sport